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A PR makeover for sticks and stones

I like words.

Words are amazing because, by themselves, they can take on a whole different meaning depending on how they are used. I’ve seen words crafted to make the impossible happen. Some people don’t think about words before they use them. I feel sorry for those people because they are missing out on all the wonderful things that can happen when words are used wisely. Things like friendship and trust. Seeing people begin to care about issues that previously had no relevance to their lives. Yes, words are wonderful, but some words I’d like to strike altogether.


I think we’ve all felt this way from the earliest of ages when our preschool peers used words like sticks and stones. Mind you, I am never one to spend much time seething over a poor use of words when used to describe me in ways I don’t prefer. But it would be fun to do a makeover of certain words. Please feel free to play along with me. Let me start with the words used to describe me…

A makeover of words

Obsessive now equals focused

Driven is really the pursuit of excellence

Procrastinator shall now be called thinker

Crazy daredevil is now adventurous

Impulsive is really seizing the moment

And finally, my favorite: introvert…. This word really needs a whole set of phrases: detail oriented, thorough planner, strategic, problem solver, sees past the surface of things, can use wits to make anything happen. People confuse introvert with being shy, but as any real introvert would know, you can be extremely introverted and friendly at the same time. Can I hear an Amen to that?

Your turn now!