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How to know when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’

Perhaps you are like me in that you quickly seize good opportunities that come your way. Props to you if you do! If, however, you find yourself somewhat indecisive about whether to say ‘yes’ or to say ‘no’ when opportunities arise, this post is for you.

This is an image of yes man movieI have taken on a number of new roles lately and to the casual observer it may seem a little excessive. Yes, I have a very busy full-time job as a public relations director. Yes, I’m a PR graduate student. Yes, I am now a foundation board trustee, and, yes, I’m a part-time executive director of an association that has partnered with my primary employer, a membership association with a related group of members. I have said ‘yes’ a lot lately but I’m a big believer in saying ‘no’ when the opportunities do not fit in a framework of deliberately planned objectives.

Why, yes, to so many things at once? It’s really a matter of thinking long-term. Will saying ‘yes’ to this opportunity fulfill an important personal or professional goal? Will saying ‘no’ prevent future opportunities from coming my way? Will saying ‘yes’ challenge me enough to make it worth my time? Will saying ‘no’ prevent me from networking with people who could help further me along with my future objectives? This is a picture of dice with yes no maybe on sides

Perhaps an even more important question is this: Do I see myself developing a passion for the work with which I would be involved? If your answer is a definitive ‘no’, say ‘no thank you’ and move on.

While this is not a simple check list I hope I have provided some questions to get you moving in the right direction. Go now and seize the moment!