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Witnessing the 100 percent

I like to consider myself among the 100 percent. No, I don’t mean among those who sit in parks without showering for days, demanding their fair share. I am talking about people who give their all to whatever they are doing and don’t whine or complain when not everything goes as planned.

I am also encouraged when I witness “100 percenters,” as we’ll call them, doing what they do best in their natural element. In this blog, I hope to share stories about people I observe who are living life like they mean it. Doing so gives me hope for the future!

I witnessed a fun example yesterday in my husband. He may not find this as comical as I do. I’ll just say it like I said in a Facebook post yesterday:

You know the dad in the movie Christmas Story? How he is when he’s working on the furnace? It’s kind of like that every day when my husband gets home and finds more plants devoured out of his gardens, except instead of hearing a foul mouth in my basement I hear the sounds of all kinds of power tools buzzing away with intensity. Then within a few minutes I see new contraptions forming around the gardens. In a way, our yard is becoming like a continually changing display of abstract artwork. It’s kind of cool!

The original garden fortress that I never wanted in my yard…
Once you give an inch, the sky’s the limit, apparently…*sigh*
The only botanical sanctuary left on my property!

Until next time, live like you mean it!



Turning gray skies into blue skies

The summer of 2012 has been an exciting adventure so far. Skydiving will, of course, overshadow anything else I do this year. A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks – namely the opportunity to work on a publishing project with my new friend and jumpmaster Dave Marsh.

I was thinking about the events that led up to this opportunity, events that, from my perspective, were not random in nature. The decision to go skydiving was out of the blue, but firm from the beginning. It was Thursday, March 29 around 8:15 a.m. when I was driving to work, feeling a little sorry for myself (And let me insert here that I despise throwing pity parties for myself or anyone else because I believe they are signs of self-absorbed people who lack faith in their creator who has nothing but good plans for them). Anyway, I realized I was hosting a pity party and decided I must do something fun and outrageous to get over the thing that was bothering my soul. Immediately after having that thought I said to myself, “I must go skydiving!” It was like a two-way conversation in my mind, “Yes, this is what I’m going to do, no question about it.” The rational side of me said, “I really think you’ve lost it this time.” The wild side of me said, “I don’t care; I’m going for it!” Up until that moment I had never had any desire to jump out of a plane. : )

I would have gone that day but decided it would be better to involve my husband since he’s always wanted to go skydiving and would soon be turning 50. I was crazy with excitement leading up to the jump but I’ve grown a little crazier with excitement about the sport since my jump. I am ecstatic about going again soon but what I’m writing about here is how skydiving changed my life, or rather how people are being used to change my life as the result of going skydiving.

I knew the first time I met our jumpmaster that he was a special person. I can always see it in the eyes and demeanor of people. People who are others-focused have a depth to their eyes that a lot of people do not have. I saw that in Dave, our jumpmaster, the first time I met him. I would soon find out the depth of his character.

Dave was a very gracious host at the drop zone on the day of our jump and a very calming instructor. We exchanged a couple of emails following the jump and I quickly began to see the richness of his character after learning about some of his life experiences that he was documenting for a book about his crazy life adventures and the journey he took as a single dad with his son, a very energetic but sick little boy. That little boy, David Marsh, was not supposed to live very long after he was born because of a very serious heart condition. However, after many open heart surgeries David, 26, is a very healthy young man now who continues to inspire his dad.

I will not go into any detail about the book but I can tell you it will take you on a very exciting journey that will make you laugh out loud, gasp at times and even shed a few tears. What I can tell you is that on that fateful day on March 29, the decision to go skydiving would cause me to intersect with Dave Marsh II, someone who has had a difficult but fun journey. He has the brightest outlook of anyone I’ve ever met to date and that is saying a lot because most of my friends are very positive people. I look forward to working on the book with Dave and his longtime friend, Claire, who is already working hard on editing the manuscript. I’m sure when you get your copy of the book you will be as inspired as I have been to never allow yourself to fall into self-pity when things aren’t going your way. Even on those seemingly gray days there are opportunities for “blue skies and soft landings” as my friend Dave likes to say!

Until next time, live like you mean it!


P.S. Here’s a link to the video of our jump on June 16!